Multimedia Artist jaron ikner celebrates the top 40 songs of his career.
the 7th studio album from jaron ikner - may 24th
Recorded by: theFONZARELLIProject
Produced by: Rubix
Streams/Views: 18989

When it came to creating my 6th album, The Setting Sun, my goal was to create "pop-rap" that was accessible to a wider audience. I tapped Rubix to produce a song that would fit that sound. In my opinion, love is a universal topic, so One Way Trip is essentially a love song. Sort of a warning that your love can take you to different dimensions of life if you are willing to go. The result was the most successful single of my far. Despite this song being one of the biggest of my career, we never shot a video for it.
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 15377

Luv Everyone was named after a Kanye West album that would eventually be canceled. In fact, Arizona Kanye was inspired by Ye's constant cancellation of projects. I created the first one as a "response" to Ye fans who were tired of Kanye pushing back and canceling release dates. After posting a viral meme on r/Kanye, I would release Arizona Kanye on Soundcloud, each of the songs was named after projects that Kanye promised to release but never did. Luv Everyone got a particularly strong response and still does to this day. There isn't an official music video for this song rather it is a part of my short film "Continuum." Perhaps one day, I'll circle back and make a video. Who knows? ;)

Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 14101
Cross is the second single from The Bond soundtrack, my first feature film. The rollout for the film was pretty intense as I was not only releasing a film with a soundtrack but also an album. I was also getting married that same year. Needless to say I was very busy. The video, shot with the help of SoloVisions, was a blast to shoot as we put on some of the costumes from the movie and covered ourselves in blood. Fun times. 
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 13900
Sweat is the lead single to my EP, The Iridescent. This song is continuing to gain steam over time as I was surprised to see it this high on the list. However, the track acts as motivational music that is also good for working out and has been added to a few workout playlists as a result. It is always fascinating to me how people choose to gravitate to music and when. Keep pushing your content regardless of its age because there are still millions of people who never heard it before and it will still be new to them. 
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 13868
Moiré was the lead single to Arizona Kanye and also acted as teaser trailer for my series of the same name that featured short films, interviews, behind the scenes and music videos. This track is definitely a personal favorite of mine. The beat goes tough, something I there together during the height of the pandemic, the batch of beats I made during that period led to the creation of the next two Arizona Kanye projects. 
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 13135
Mutombo wound up being the runaway main single from Arizona Kanye 2. It's always fun for me to create high energy tracks where I can talk a little shit and make the crowd move. Mutombo is, by far, my most successful version of that style of my career. Solovisions provided the cinematography for the music video, which was a blast to shoot. If you all missed high energy songs like this from me, stay tuned for the next album...
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 12895
Smoking Gun was the lead single from MENTAL, an EP I put out a the end of 2023. 2023 was a difficult year for me and it really tested me mentally. MENTAL was a project that reminded me that art my ultimate solace and expression to the world. Being able to put it all into my art is cathartic and a blessing. This song was basically some lyrical exercise over some lo-fi boom bap but it resonates to this day. 
Recorded by: TheFONZARELLIproject
Streams/Views: 11790
Prisoner was the second single from my 6th studio album, The Setting Sun. This track has some of my favorite production of my career and the video is super fun as well. I honestly don't have any anecdotes or special to say about this track in particular, it's just me doing my thing at what I feel was my highest level at the time. 
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 9514
The Meteor Shower Run in 2018 reached a fever pitch with a tour through California and Arizona in 2019. I was able to capture a lot of footage during the meteor shower run which included music videos, festival performances, behind-the-scenes clips and more, and put it together in a music video. It's crazy to watch this video because all of this happened over a year. 
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 9101
Ah yes, Chad and Fabian. The made up record executives who "run" Starstruck Multimedia. This skit series, that start on Arizona Kanye 2, has wound up as a cornerstone in the Arizona Kanye series as the executives complain about my music and marketing strategies. I've always been a fan of skits on albums when done in a way that makes sense so it was cool to introduce Chad and Fabian to the world. Who knows when we will hear from them again. 

Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 8047
Released: NOVEMBER 2018
In November of 2018, I decided to challenge myself by creating and releasing 5 different EPs from different artists, including myself over the course of 5 weeks. Called the Meteor Shower campaign, it was some of the most fun time I had creating music. One of the tracks was the posse cut, Bang! Bang! featuring with Vinney Mendez, Lizzy Page and Cuzn It. Everyone brought their A game on this track. 
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 7805
Released: August 2017
Billed as the lead single to "When The Stars Fell", Into Diamonds hit the scene pretty hard with a top tier collaboration with some of my favorite artists in Arizona. The video was shot with the help of Blaine and I feel like it is one of the better music videos of my career. This one is an all time favorite. 
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 7403
Released: March 2017
Being raised in Tucson, Arizona has made me fall in love with that city. It is a place that helped develop the core values of who I am as a person. As a result, I will always ride for Tucson. I wanted to make a track that felt like an anthem, told from the perspective of someone who knows Tucson well. This led to me teaming with the legend Marley B on this track where he paints the perfect picture of Tucson in the Summer. 
#14 Politics
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 7175
Released: November 2018
I think that, as an artist, it is important to use your voice to speak on issues going on in the world. "Politics" was a one off track I made to speak on the politic climate of America from my personal perspective. Originally, this song was going to be a the lead single to an EP I was going to release encouraging every eligible American citizen to register to run for president of the United States. I obviously abandoned that project. 
#15 Mausoleum
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 7116
Released: December 2019
From "Jaron Ikner", this track is a personal favorite of mine. I love the beat and the piano sample and the music video is one of my more ambitious efforts. I pride myself on my ability to create strong music video concepts entirely by myself and this is a great example of one of those instances. 
#16 Nluv4Real
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 7100
Released: May 2020
A deep cut from Arizona Kanye 2. This track is basically a love song. I'm a big fan of love songs and the power they can have. It is such an expressive way to convey your feelings. My wife is typically my muse for my love song, which makes them easier to write. 
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 7090
Released: May 2020
Ah yes, conspiracy raps. Kubrick acted as the second single from "Arizona Kanye 2" and is probably my favorite song on the project. The song is named after famous director, Stanely Kubrick, which helped cement the "On the set of a movie" theme of the project. 
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 7028
Released: August 2018
Payroll was a one off track that I made in the Summer of 2018. It's not attached to any project or album, it was just a song that I made and put out to keep the buzz up. At the time, I was considering going head first into the record label and pushing my music and craft as a full time business, this song sort of acted as an anthem for those motivations. The music video was shot by Yung Mac and is my only "one-take" video of my career. 
Recorded by: Blaine Coffee
Streams/Views: 6993
Released: November 2017
When I was finishing up Breaking Infinity, I was going through a major breakup in my life. To me, music is always a form of solace and salvation. So per the usual, I put all of my energy into my music. This song in particular was a challenge because I wanted to push myself sonically and target a broader more international audience. Funny enough, I was offered a record contract from a label in Germany over this song but I turned it down. 
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 6939
Released: May 2020
A deep cut from Arizona Kanye 2. This tracks talks about lost friendships, betrayal, misunderstandings and just life in general. The music video was actually never officially released as it was shot by Aidan Daly, a film school classmate of mine who needed a music video for a project. Aidan and I also teamed up on the short film "Madness" which won the 2019 "Artist Of Promise" award. 
Recorded by: Willie Hall for The Bakery
Streams/Views: 6811
Released: NOVEMBER 2019
The song was a single from Jaron Ikner. I remember sitting with Cuzn It, listening to beats for our project and he told me how much he liked this beat. I decided to throw him on the track because he took such a big interest in it. It wound up being one of my favorite songs of my career. We shot the music video at Scottsdale Community College as a part of my cinematography class. I really do miss that dude, he always showed love and support and was one of the most talented lyricists that I knew. R.I.P. Cuzn It. 
Recorded by: Blaine Coffee
Streams/Views: 6490
Released: NOVEMBER 2017
Status Quo was the lead single to When The Stars Fell produced by Rubix. I have a deep background in the EDM world as I actually started my career as a Drum and Bass Emcee, so I felt very comfortable over the high energy beat provided by Rubix. This album also introduced visual elements to the "Black One Multiverse Saga" which was a series of connected multimedia events tied together by a multi-dimensional story. 
Recorded by: Blaine Coffee
Streams/Views: 6447
Released: NOVEMBER 2017
When The Stars Fell was the second compliation album I put together featuring friends from the Starstruck Collective. This particular song is still one of my most popular songs to this day as it gets a lot of play overseas and has been featured in a couple of tik tok videos that got some traction. It's always fun to collaborate with the homies and this one is one of my favorites. 
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 5851
Released: October 2019
Definitely the most introspective track on "Jaron Ikner", Untitled is the closing track on the album. The second verse is actually like a top 5 verse of my career in my personal opinion. The music video was featured in my series "Moire", which was a 6 part series featuring a combination of short films, interviews and music video. I never dropped the final episode. This particular episode featured a clip from Cycle 47 starring Cuzn It (RIP). 
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 5576
Released: October 2019
Produced by Rubix, one of my favorite producers in Arizona. I knew I need something that was boppy but still allowed me room to get creative. I had actually wrote the chorus back in 2012 and sat on it for 7 years before using it on this track. The title is also probably one of the biggest examples where I never actually say the name of the song in the song. I do this alot for some reason. In this case, "Dirty Halos" would have probably been a more logical name but instead called it Cathedral Chandeliers because in my head, they are always dusty and dirty. 
Recorded by: The Fonzarelli Project
Streams/Views: 5574
Released: NOVEMBER 2021
Below The Heavens is the opening song on my album, The Setting Sun. It was the last song I wrote for the album. After listening to the project, I knew that I needed something aggressive to start the album off and this track fit perfectly. 
#27 BE FREE (Prod. by Swaa)
Recorded by: Blaine Coffee
Streams/Views: 5433
Released: NOVEMBER 2017
Be Free was the lead single from my album, Breaking Infinity. This is one of the rare instances where I used outside production on a lead single for a project. The beat just spoke to me and I knew it would be a strong single to roll with. The music video is a personal favorite as it was shot in Globe, AZ, during some downtime while working as assistant director on The System. 
Recorded by: The Fonzarelli Project For Numenaris Studios
Streams/Views: 4985
Released: NOVEMBER 2021
Facts is the lead single to my album, The Setting Sun. I always like high-energy songs like this one and this song is a staple in most of my performances. This song talks a little shit while having fun at the same time. The video was a blast to shoot too. 
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 4705
Released: NOVEMBER 2018
This track was featured on "The Farmer's Daughter" an EP I produced for Lizzy Page. This track featured fire ass verses from everyone and was always fun to perform at concerts. This teamup was legendary and it really made an impression on those who heard it. I really like the beat I put together for this track and Lizzy smashes as the anchor on the track. 
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 4406
Released: DECEMBER 2018
Originally, this track was an exclusive track featured on my short film, continuum. This song hits for me personally because of the honesty of my position in the artistic world. "I'm not Diddy, I'm not Murs" is a comment on the fine balance between the two vastly different identities when it comes to hip hop. I just want to create music and not be placed in a box. 
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 4359
Released: OCTOBER 2019
One of my personal favorite tracks, I teamed up with my brother, the legend Marley B on this track. I will sometimes open up my sets with this track because of the high energy it brings. 
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 4245
Released: OCTOBER 2019
A deep cut from "JARON IKNER", I think people thought that this track was going to be about my deceased father based on the tone and theme of the album. However, this track is a just a high energy track where I talk my shit. The "Father" aspect comes from me stating that I fathered a lot of what is seen in the scene out here nowadays. That's up to you to determined if that's actually true or not. ;)
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 3975
Released: OCTOBER 2020
This is by far my favorite intro on an album that I have made so far. In this intro, I sit down with my mother and ask her why she named me Jaron. The answer is pretty straightforward but it acts as honest insight into my life and my deep connection with music. 
#34 So Help me gawd
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 3854
Released: November 2018
The opening track on "Arizona Kanye", I think I surprised a few people with the aggressiveness of this song and the project as a whole. I knew I had some things to say and the beat rang out to me. I originally wrote the song "Ego Trippin" over that beat but decided to try again and get a little more dark and more aggressive. The video was also a part of the bigger short film "CONTINUUM" which was one of my first real forrays in musical short filmmaking.
#35 savior
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 3393
Released: October 2020
When I first found the sample I used for Savior, it hit me like a mack truck. I knew I wanted to get deep and somewhat religious on this track. This song was one of the last songs I wrote for my self titled album and is one of my personal favorite to this day. 
#36 xerox
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 3393
Released: October 2020
After releasing Arizona Kanye 2, I wanted to go right back in and continue the momentum. This led to me recording Arizona Kanye 3. I would up making visuals for every song on that project, but the video for XEROX was one of the most fun to make. I also enjoy performing this song and the second verse tends to get the crowd going. 
#37 what you need featuring lizzy page
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 3362
Released: September 2019
This song was made mostly because we (Starstruck) were booked for the Goldrush Festival in 2019. This is the biggest festival I have ever performed in my career. I knew that I needed a certified banger so I teamed up with my sis, Lizzy Page, to make something for that kind of crowd. The song went over well and ended up on my album "Jaron Ikner"
#38 Swoosh
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 2858
Released: November 2018
Arizona Kanye dropped in November of 2018 and was a part of the "meteor shower" run of 5 eps released over 6 weeks. "swoosh" was the last song I wrote for "Arizona Kanye", that ep started a whole new era in my career as I gained a bunch of new attention and fans from the effort. 
#39 Simulation theory featuring megaran (prod. by samday)
Recorded by: Jaron Ikner
Streams/Views: 2836
Released: December 2017

The second I heard this beat from the pack I got from producer, SAMDAY, I knew that it would going to go on Breaking Infinity and that it would feature MegaRan. MegaRan is, by far, one of my favorite artists to collaborate with as he is so potent with the bars. Plus, with the video game vibe and the concept of Simulation Theory, I knew he would float on this and he sure did. 
#40 Stargazing (prod. by Jaron Ikner)
Recorded by: Blaine Coffee
Streams/Views: 2664
Released: December 2017

This song is the first song on my album, Breaking Infinity. I always like to start my album with a high-energy song and this song did the trick for me. Breaking Infinity experiments a lot with synths and interesting sounds and this beat is a more fun example of some of the production I did for that album. 
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