Jaron Ikner 
multimedia artist
Jaron Ikner is a multimedia artist from Arizona who is creative regardless of genre or topic. Whether he is working with his record label, writing, or filming he prides himself on cultivating a unique perspective. His record label Starstruck Multimedia went on tour this past year and commanded a viewership of over 4 million people in the past year. He has written short books such as Rosemont, newspaper articles for the New Times, and scripts such as the viral Spider-Man Home Run spec script. He has used his two degrees in film and scriptwriting from Scottsdale Community College to act as assistant director and producer on the nationwide feature film The System as well as a series of short films as registered in IMDB. Overall, the innovative Jaron Ikner's consistent drive and work ethic have allowed him years of success in music, movies, and writing making him indispensable to any think tank.
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