If you have been following my career over the last several years, I have been known to go all out with my album releases. from short stories and films to creating multiple personalities and universes, i have always put pride into my execution as a multimedia artist. 
with that said, this album is all about the music. We are keeping it simple. The album cover is a present day photo of my childhood home in fort ord, California (now closed) via Google maps. There are a lot of memories attached to this house, including the last days of my father's life before he committed suicide. This house basically represents a life before everything changed for me. when i randomly decided to look up the address of my old house and saw this photo, it hit me like a ton of bricks to see it this condition. I saw it as a metaphor for a lot of personal demons in my life, still existing, slowly eroding away as I try to fight them but still there. It looks like someone was trying to rebuild the house and maybe they can but to me, if it has been this long, why can't we just tear down the house and build a new, stronger one? 
This ties into the name change. The 'Death of Black One', if you want to call it that. My name is rare, in fact, I can confidently say that i may be the only jaron ikner in the world. that's a power and feeling i've been denying my entire life, not maliciously of course.  at this point, i want to leave behind a legacy for my son and future generations. in order to do that, i have to let go of everything that has been holding me back... I have to destroy and rebuild the house. 
anyways.  enjoy the album. Thanks for caring
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