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From the moment he was born, he knew his destiny.
He would be the last of his civilization.
The human race would end with him.
Every day, he reflected on how many years had passed since they had left their home planet. How many years had passed since they had set out on a mission to find new lands?
As humans spread across the universe, they searched for new worlds to make their own. But there were no more habitable planets left within reach of their technology. To ensure that humanity survived, they sent out probes to search for other civilizations and find new homes for them somewhere in the stars.
The astronaut's job was simple: go into deep space and wait until one of these probes came back with its findings on whether there existed any other life out there beyond our solar system. If there were any signs of life, then he would send out another probe to find them and bring them back home so they could colonize together on an alien world—and hopefully leave behind a legacy that would last long after they were gone from this one.
The Astronaut found himself floating through the void. He had been lost in space for what felt like years, searching for water to survive and keep his ship operational.
It was hard to say how much time had passed since he left earth. Time had no meaning here, and the only thing that mattered was getting enough fuel to keep going. His mission was clear: find water or die trying.
He'd spent most of his time listening to music and trying to distract himself from how lonely he felt. It never worked very well—the music just made him feel more alone, and as time went on, it became harder to find a song that didn't remind him of home or make him miss his wife and children more than ever before. "Put It On me" he used to tell them, meaning that he was ready to handle any burden he needed to for them.
Astronauts are always the first to go. It's just a part of the title.
They're the ones who get called in when something goes wrong, and they're always the ones who end up in situations that no one else can handle.
That's just what astronauts do—they're not afraid of anything. But this time, it was different. This astronaut had never felt fear like this before. 
It started with one little mistake: The astronaut drifted off to sleep while floating in space. And as soon as he fell asleep, he was whisked away into a whole new world…the quantum realm. A heavenly plane where everything and nothing exist at once.
He woke up to find himself in a strange place. It was dark, but it was also light—a very strange place indeed. sweat dripped down his face as he knew this was something outside his wheelhouse, But the strangest part was that the astronaut could see his own face on the wall. He wasn't sure how that was possible, but he did know one thing for sure: It wasn't his face anymore!
The astronaut had been staring at the wall for so long that he forgot what it was like to see another human being. But then, as he was leaning against the wall and thinking about how much longer he would be stuck there, he noticed a face staring back at him from the other side.
The face morphed into an actual body and began to walk towards the astronaut. The astronaut stumbles back in fear but then realized quickly that the being was not there to harm him.
"Hello," said the astronaut. "I'm an astronaut from Earth."
"Hello," said God. "I'm an angel from heaven."
They talked for hours about how much they had in common: both were creators of life; both had created humans; both had been responsible for creating so many beautiful things for their people on Earth and in Heaven respectively; both had created perfect worlds where every creature could live happily ever after...
"But," said the astronaut at last, "why did you create such a terrible thing as quantum reality? It seems cruel to make us live in such uncertainty."
GOD smiled and said: "The purpose of quantum reality is not to torment you with uncertainty, but rather to give you the ability to create your own reality out of nothingness. If you choose to see it as cruel, then that's how it will be for you—but if instead, you choose to see it as a tool for empowerment, then that's how it will be!"
The astronaut was confused. "But how is one supposed to know this? How does one figure out how to create their own reality?"
GOD sighed and rolled his eyes. "It's not something you're supposed to know, it's something you're supposed to DO."
The Astronaut replied, "I don't understand."
"In order for YOU to create your own reality, YOU must first understand that YOU are responsible for everything that happens in YOUR life."
"What?" cried the astronaut, who was becoming more and more frustrated with each word GOD spoke. The astronaut continued his rant, saying "That doesn't make any sense! How can I be responsible for everything that happens in my life if other people are also creating their own realities?"
GOD closed his eyes and shook his head. "You're right," he said softly. "You are not responsible for everything that happens in your life because other people are also creating their own realities—and when those two realities collide they create something new; something neither of us could have created alone."
The Astronaut was quiet for a moment. He was thinking about what God had just said. Everything is propelled by our passion to make it so? Is that how this quantum reality all works?
Suddenly, he felt an energy surge through his body and his mind opened up like a sunflower on a sunny day. He suddenly understood!
God smiled as he looked down on the Astronaut. The Astronaut had finally found enlightenment, and it was time for him to ascend.
"You seem ready," God said with a smile.
The Astronaut frowned. "Ready for what?" he asked.
God shook his head and chuckled. "To become iridescent," he said. "Pure quantum light."
The Astronaut was confused. He had just been talking to God, and now he was supposed to become iridescent? He didn't know what that meant, but he did know that it sounded like a lot of work.
"What does that mean for my mission? My family?" he asked.
God smiled back at him. "That's up to you," she said.
The Astronaut pondered this for a moment then nodded in acceptance.
"I See."
God approaches him a gently touches him on the shoulder. A bright light fills the realm.
The Astronaut woke up inside his spaceship, floating in the vast nothing of space. He was still on his mission, and still alone.
Was that all a dream? He wondered. He began to think about his family and purpose, just as he did every morning before setting off for the day's adventure. He then remembers why he did all of this, what god told him. 
"I did it for me" he whispers to himself. 
Just then, the stars began to twinkle. Almost guiding him across the galaxy. After a few adjustments, The Astronaut turned on the hyperdrive and shot into the vast nothingness of space—forever chasing infinity.
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